BNC 75 Ohm Connector

​735A Dual Crimp Type Plug **NEW**
​Assembly TypeID = 6.5mm**NEW**
​Belden 8218 75 Ohm 3pc Crimp Jack
​Belden 8281 2pc Crimp Plug
​For 59/U Standard Solder Clamp Plug
​For 735A 3pc Plug **NEW**
​For RG-11 3pc Crimp Plug
​For RG-179/U 75 Ohm Dual Crimp Jack
​For RG-179/U Dual Crimp Type 3pc Plug
​For RG-179/U Dual Crimp Type Plug
​For RG-59 2pc Crimp Plug
​For RG-59 2pc Plug
​For RG-59 3pc Crimp Jack 18AWG Pin
​For RG-59/U Plenum 3pc Crimp Plug
​For RG-59/U 1.1mm Pin 3pc Crimp (Up to 18AWG)
​For RG-59/U 75 Ohm 3pc Crimp Jack
​For RG-59/U Plenum 2pc Plug
​For RG-6 2pc Crimp Plug
​For RG-6 2pc Plug
​For RG-6 75 Ohm 3pc Crimp Jack
​Right-Angle RG-59/U Dual Crimp Plug
​Solder Type UG-1094D/U Bulkhead Jack
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