Nano EXT

    Nano EXT, the first-of-its-kind outdoor access control system is unlike other biometric and card-based control solutions available today. nano EXT identifies people in real-time, in-motion and at-a-distance, in both indoor and outdoor locations. The nano EXT allows you to move people through doors or checkpoints at a rate of up to 20 people per minute without delays or backups.

    The device is designed to operate in direct sunlight, snow or rain and at temperatures between -40F and 150F. The device’s sleek, unobtrusive design is network-compatible, making installation simple, and since the nano EXT both enrolls and identifies, you don’t need any additional equipment.

    The nano EXT features auto-height adjustment to allow simple interaction regardless of the user height. With no cards, fobs or keys to replace or upgrade, and no risk of loss or theft, iris technology makes credential management incredibly easy and cost-effective.

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