Snap Shot™ Cable Fault Finder, Cable Length Measurement, TDR

When you need to accurately find the length of any cable; a short, a break or an open fault in a very long cable; a cable that is buried or a cable that is energized, look no further than the Snap Shot. With Advanced Spread Spectrum TDR (SSTDR) technology the Snap Shot works in all wire environments and is immune to voltage, current or data stream disruptions. Measure cable lengths and faults up to 3000 feet in environments where electrical noise, current and power can render your other testers ineffective or inaccurate. See the true picture of your wiring and cable systems with Snap Shot™ today.

  • Finds cable length or distance to fault from one end up to 3000 feet
  • Easily measures cable distance on spool
  • Accuracy of 1% or better
  • Calibrates custom NVP values for any cable
  • Internal memory for storing most used NVP values
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Built-in tone generator for cable tracing & identification
  • Loop test for continuous testing
  • Displays length reading in feet or meters
  • Auto-off to preserve battery life


Types of applications:
– CCTV installations
– Solar power installations
– Aircraft or naval data communications
– HVAC controls
– Data Centers
– Under ground cabling
– Event venues

  • Holds up to two different NVP values for multiple cable tests
  • Tests length, opens or shorts present on the cable, up to 3,000 ft
  • Produces four different tones for locating cables
  • Ability to calibrate NVP for any cable
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